Canada is a big country and it is very expensive to conduct retail audits to gather the information that you need to effectively manage your business on a daily basis.

That’s why Sales Is Not Simple has launched Field Agent Canada which is a network of thousands of Agents across the country ready to complete retail audits for you.

Field Agent is the first app that allows smartphone users to earn money while they shop and allows you to gather retail intelligence information from all across Canada in 48 hours or less, starting at the very affordable price of $5.00 per store.

What Can Field Agent Do For You?

Field Agent is very flexible and our retailer and vendor clients have used it to complete a range of retail intelligence jobs including:

  • Price Checks
  • Retail Audits
  • Mystery Shop
  • In-Store Photos
  • Check In-Stocks
  • In-Store Review
  • New Item Analysis

Field Agent Canada has revolutionized retail intelligence gathering in Canada and give you powerful real-time insights on your business from coast-to-coast.

When you need to have eyes on what is happening in-store, right now.

You need Field Agent.